Friday, 12 September 2008

Big Stitch Quilting

On my wanders around Blogland lately , I've come across the term Big Stitch Quilting quite a lot, which really caught my attention as I have a dreadful hang up about hand quilting. I never have enough hands to do everything at the same time and it always seems a bit like trying to juggle with 2 left hands!! ( I know- practice! practice!! practice !!!) I even tried taking private lessons from a lovely local lady who does the most exquisite quilting, spent several afternoons with her , battling along with the (bleep !) hoop & thimble as well as the French language and at the end of it all I still couldn't manage it, but we had so many laughs trying it was worth the effort !!

Reading through various posts, it sounds to me that Big Stitch is the same as (or near enough) the quilting I tried some time back, but I know it as Naive Quilting and has probably been around for quite some time before I 'discovered ' it, can't even remember where now. Whatever the correct term, it was a blessing as it meant I didn't have to use a hoop :-)

This was before I got up the courage to try machine quilting and was fed up with 'tie-ing',
so - these are a few scrappy quilts showing my version of Big Stitch , not heavily quilted, but quilted !

It's feels good to be 'in the race' for a change instead of having to catch up !!

Breaking News !!! I've won a prize!!! Just received a message from Jo in Tas to say I've won one of the parcels in her 50th post Give Away- this is a 'first' I can tell you !!!! Which reminds me, I am nearing 100 posts, so in true Blogging tradition I will be having my own Give Away. As I've also just passed 3, 000 visitors it'll be a double celebration (!) and I'll be giving away two prizes but it won't be until I get back from the UK on 23 September !!


Karol-Ann said...

I like your scrappy quilts. 100 posts? Wow! That's great!

Ginger_Curls said...

Big Stitch Quilting sounds perfect for me! I can't persuade my machine to quilt for me, I daren't even attempt hand quilting and there are some quilts which just deserve more than tying! I can't get your pictures to enlarge to have a good look at them the way they do on some blogs.
Enjoy the time with your DD & DGD

Mad about Craft said...

I love hand quilting but I know I don't don't as it is taught, I use a stab stitch which probably not time efficent but I know my hands wouldn't stand up to the 'proper' way. The quilting police would have a field day but I don't care!

Clare said...

Which perle do you use? I hop btween 5, 8 and embroidery floss split into 3 strands. The DMC perle 8 is so expensive here, but I've found a Spanish version which is a lot lot cheaper.

100 posts and over 3,000 hits - wow - well done!