Sunday, 7 September 2008

Signs of Autumn

Although it is only the end of the first week in September, Autumn is making its arrival know in no uncertain way ! Whilst we haven't suffered quite as much as other parts of Europe , the weather over the last couple of days hasn't been fit for man nor beast - persistant torrential rain and gale force winds have been the order of the day.

This time last year was delight, all the trees turning into the most magnificent colours due to very warm mild warm days and very cold nights !! This year after the storms , we don't have many leaves left !

Even though there are still a few stragglers in the garden defying the elements

Most scenes are like this

...or this !

Part delivery of logs for the stoves , well at this rate you never can tell how soon we'll need them !!

Still as the old saying goes ' every cloud......' so at least this week some time to spend sewing !! My lovely friend Jeannie (no blog) has persuaded me to try my hand at a couple of other bags, so I found this and made this


The little wallet is a Lazy Girl Designs puchased pattern and not a freebie like this
This is the second one I've made, the first went to its new home and I forgot to take a photo ! They are just so easy to make and a great deal better than plastic bags ! France (like a number of European countries) actually 'banned ' plastic grocery bags some 2 years ago now , so here we are all used to taking along our own 'shopping bags' , and what could be nicer than this ! If you are looking for patterns by the way there's a good deal here .
Making a couple of bags doesn't mean that I have not done any patchwork - I have in fact finished putting my Tumbler top together and it is ready for quilting (don't ask when, it will have to join the queue with the other 5 that are waiting !!) and I've also chopped up my Layer Cake and made enough blocks for a boxed squares quilt like this , but I haven't had a chance to take pics of either of them yet !!
So all in all a good sign that things are getting back to normal at 'Chez Nous ' !!!


Gina said...

I love the Clematis. Like you though my garden just looks battered. I've given up now and most of my summer plants have been put in the greenhouse.
I love the bags. I've just pulled some fabric to make one for my Stitchers Angel. It'll be my first big bag. The only other one I've done is the Lazy Girls Runaround Bag.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

San Francisco also recently banned plastic bags, and there's discussion among the city council here in Austin about following suit. I've been taking my own bags to the store for years, and prefer them because they're sturdier and hold waaaaay more, which means fewer trips to get everything inside. I haven't seen many of those upright rolly bags that you see in France though, although I expect they'll appear in due time.

I love your bag! The fabric is gorgeous, too.


loulee1 said...

Plastic bags have not yet been banned here on the island, but for some time I have been reusing old bags and recently have made, or been gifted some beautiful shopping bags.

I like your bags, and have plans to make a denim version of the grab bag. Just need to plan a nice bright motif for the front.

Karol-Ann said...

Autumn already!! But we haven't had summer yet!!!
Great bag and lots of nice links in your post. That quilt of Mary's is a classic and one of my favourites! I look forward to seeing yours!