Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Bags & Birds and Whatnots!

I enjoyed making the bags shown in the last post, so much so that I splashed out on some Amy Butler fabric to try a couple of her patterns, and in the post this week I got :

I think I'll try this one and maybe this one , but when I'll get started goodness knows!!

I'm off to the UK for a few days on the 19th to spend some time with DD & DGD in Manchester, but before then I need to make the promised table runner to take with me for DD, at least think about my ALQS mini and get my September Birthday block finished and in the post !

The rest of the time will be spent shopping and making meals for one to stock up the freezer for DH as he's staying home this time to look after Megan & William - well, we girls need some time alone together every now and then don't we !!

One thing I have promised myself we'll make time for before I go is a trip to the cinema in Rennes to see the Original Version (with French subs !) of 'Mama Mia' and this is one time DH will agree to go without a murmur as he is a huge ABBA fan !!!

A photo I forgot to post on the Paris trip was this

I was amazed at the number of tourist in the square at Notre Dame standing with their backs to the Cathedral with their hand stuck in the air !! It seems that the latest craze is to entice the sparrows to eat out of your hand - and the birds were loving it !!!!!


Karol-Ann said...

Drooling over those fabrics!! and the patterns look great too. Have a super trip. You'll be passing (sort of) near me :-)

Elizabethd said...

I'm longing to see Mamma Mia too!
Have a good trip.

Aqie-Gaul said...

Nice to visit in your site. have a nice day and Greeting's from Jakarta, Indonesia.