Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wanderer's Return !

Well, here I am , back in France at last ! It has been a lovely break, and 'wandering' around most of the West Country and South Wales meant I didn't have time to get bored with any one area. I must be one of the world's worst fans of one centre holidays as I do get bored so quickly and sitting is still is really not an option!! The weather - well what can I say ? Except for a couple of hours during our week in Cornwall the sun came out every day for us, no heatwaves by any stretch of the imagination, but pleasant sunshine just the same.

There's lots to share, so perhaps it will be better if I do this over a couple of posts instead of a looong story, so - where to start ? Cornwall is just Cornwall, nothing changes a great deal except that we saw a lot more tourist 'attractions' than in our previous holidays. I know I am getting older, but I do fail to see where the attraction is dragging children around theme parks when you have beaches like this one at Sennen Cove for them to play on, have times really changed that much ? (Yes - I know ! I sound just like my mother now !!! )

Our little cottage at St Just, the most westerly village in the UK, was just 1 mile from Cape Cornwall but I think that was if you were a crow (!!) as it certainly was rather longer by foot. During our week we walked from St Just to the Cape via the coastal path several times

and I even managed to make it to the top , and was it ever windy up there that day but a great view across to Lands End . I did take some photos across the bay but they didn't come out very well - mind you it was 6 miles away !! But we did walk from the Cape to Lands End (and back!!!) via Sennen cove during the course of the week and managed some better shots, like THE signpost...

..the first & last house

...and Cape Cornwall from Lands End, you can just make is out in the distance !
DH went up in a light aircraft for a flip and these are his contributions to the Blog (!)

Mousehole village & harbour

Porthcurno beach with the Minnack Theatre on the left
of the shot

....and of course Lands End !!!

No visit to Cornwall is complete without some mention of the tin mining legacy. In fact, the story has it that the last thing that Cornish miners emigrating to the 'New World' saw as they rounded Cape Cornwall was the Wesleyan chapel at St Just, and we found these remains within sight of that same chapel so thought they'd be just right.

That just about rounds off my 'potted' holiday in Cornwall, but there is still more to say about the rest of the trip , but for now its back to reality and the never ending grinding of the washing machine and the ever growing stack of ironing! Sewing ?? Maybe tomorrow for just a little while ..Ah Well!!!!

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Gina said...

Isn't Cornwall beautiful. I love it there.

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