Sunday, 22 June 2008

Back to Wales

The second half of the holiday started as we crossed the Severn Bridge on Saturday afternoon, back in Wales again after nearly a year !! There are 2 bridges across the Severn these days, I prefer to use the original Severn Bridge rather than the newer Second Severn Crossing Centre simply 'because' . Having said that the original bridge is now a protected 'building' and reached the grand age of 40 in 2006 ! Just imaging how many vehicles have crossed the Severn in those 40 years !! When it was first opened the toll was 10 pence for each crossing, today's toll is £5.40 !! You can see a great photo of both bridges here .

Saturday night saw a gathering of the Jones 'clan' for a meal and general catch up in the local pub which then continued well into the night at our daughter's home nearby!

Sunday, well ,we just chilled out in the morning then spent the afternoon with friends on their hill farm just above Chepstow ( the town now claiming some kudos as the place where J K Rowling of Harry Potter fame grew up !). Monday we went off to Hereford , visited the cathederal where there is a chained library and the Mappa Mundi.

into the town centre and the Old House( built in 1621 and now a small museum ), then into Doughty's where you already know I spent lots of money !!!

Then we spent some time visiting old haunts down West Wales and in particular the Gower coast. I will let the photos speak for themselves !

Oxwich Bay

Three Cliffs Bay
Worm's Head
Don't know why it is called Worm's Head, looks more like some prehistoric monster rearing out of the sea to me !! You can walk across the causeway onto the penninsular at low tide and we have been know to do this and make it onto the 'head' !!

There is still more about the holiday to come (!!) but Blogger is driving me nuts this afternoon
refusing to upload photos and generally messing about, so I am now off to lie down in a dark room to recover !! (My way of saying that I am off to do some sewing !!!)


Gina said...

I love the photos of the Gower. You had such good weather when you came over.

love and hugs xxxx

Elizabethd said...

Doesnt that beach look gorgeous. I can just imagine wandering along there, with no one else around.

Mad about Craft said...

I'm glad you're having such a good time and the weather seems to being reasonable kind to you.

Karol-Ann said...

Love the picture of Hereford. I remember my Uncle taking me there when I used to go visit him in Aberdare. (I remember going to Hay-on-wye and Mumbles too... miss those days!)

Judy said...

I love the photos, I'd love to take a nice long walk on the beach. Thanks for the trip.