Sunday, 29 June 2008

Not A Quiet Sunday !!

Yesterday was a good start to the new regime with an excellent day as far as the calorie intake went and plenty of exercise planned and unexpected ! The planned walks started early in the morning and passed without any drama but the evening walk was quite another story !!

I had groomed Megan, fed both horses and set off on another circuit leaving DH to stand guard whilst Megs finished off the bits in the bottom of her feeder (we have to do this otherwise Wranez chases her off and gets double rations !!)

Coming back down the hill to the paddocks ,there was the most fearsome commotion and all I could see was this melee of horses kicking the daylights out of each other, and the solid galvanised fencing, in the field next to Megs !! Panic stations set in as I saw one of the horses clear the fencing (from standing !! some jump!) and set off down the lane at a trot !! Now, normally horses will stop to graze as soon as they get over the initial thrill of escape - but not this one ! Oh no, she makes straight for the very fast main road some quarter of a mile down the lane with nothing to stop her and with me in persuit screaming my head off at DH to pass me a bucket of feed to use as bait to catch her !!

Now I don't run very fast these days (!!) and I had horrible visions of a major accident when this animal cannoned onto the roadway in front of a vehicle before I could reach her. Luckily just as she got to the end of the lane she spied an opening into a field of young maize and veered into it. After trampling down several rows of corn, she shot back out onto the lane, but by this time I had caught up with her and managed to tempt her close enough to grab her headcollar . She was having none of that and as I am a little shakey still on the old pins, I slipped the lead rope back off (coward that I am !!)and used the bucket of feed instead to coax her a step at a time back up the lane !

Eventually we got her into an enclosure, with much pushing and shoving and shaking of food buckets and, more importantly, avoiding the back legs which were a bit prone to kick out - I have a very healthy respect for horses' hind legs since I collected 3 broken ribs plus a punctured & collapsed lung from getting in their way !!

Unfortunately, she has a very nasty deep gash down her nearside back leg, and several smaller wounds on the other side too. Don't know when this happened, whether is was during the kicking match or when she cleared the fencing. DH eventually went off to alert the owner and we left him with the vet stitching up the leg. Today she is feeling very sorry for herself and very, very lame - Poor Girl !!

So on top of my scheduled 3 kms for the day, I must have at least managed another 2 racing up and down the lane !!

In between all the excitement yesterday, I managed to make a big hole in the number of Chunky Churn Dash blocks still needed, and now have just 12 more left, so all the block will be ready to put together by the end of today. I also managed a couple of Civil War Diary blocks, and will be trying to stick to 2 a week until I decide I have enough for a 'large' twin, which is about as big as I can manage!
Smallpox - CWD
Sweet Pleasures - LL
I 've also finished piecing the top for 4SQS - Summer swap but now need to get some more quilting thread on Thursday as the one I have doesn't quite look right to me ! Next in the pipe line is Minature Booty Quilt Swap - Round 2 and I think I have that sorted in my own mind now
so that's another step forward. (Big Breath!!) All that's left now for July is my FPC swap with Brigitte and Sharon and after that, my time is my own !! (Well at least until something else comes along !!)


Gina said...

What an exciting day. I think you deserve one of those wonderful french patisseries ( excuse the spelling) after all that.

love and hugs Gina xxx

Kristie said...

That is alot of excitment and exerise!! Our horses seem to get out only when I am home alone! And then it is up to me to catch them. We have a mare that thinks she owns this place and when she gets out, it is almost impossible to catch her!

I love the CWD blocks!!! The colors are beautiful. I have 43 of them done! I just love the pattern.

Karol-Ann said...

WoW! Frightening stuff! (just catching up with you - I blinked and there were 3 posts LOL)
BTW I love lettuce even if I don't look like I do LOL

Clare said...

Did you find out what caused them to lash out and for her to bolt? A hornet perhaps, or horse fly?