Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Time Has Come......

.......the Walrus said
To talk of many things ! (Lewis Carroll)

Now the whole world knows what Alice saw Through The Looking Glass and all the wonderful adventures she had, so now I am going to share what I see in my looking glass - Argh !!!! Who's that Fatty ??? Over the last 6 months the weight has crept up and up and now it really has to be SORTED !!!

I've lots of reasons as to why this is happened and it all started in December when we lost our 4 legged friend of over 12 years, Bess, our lovely cross Border Collie/Labrador .

Me and Bess braving the elements!

Bess took very good care of us and made sure that we walked regularly, at least 3 times a day whatever the weather, and soon let you know if she thought you were slacking !! Now we no longer have Bess I am ashamed to say that we have turned into fair weather walkers and somehow even then it doesn't seem the same, so any excuse not to go is jumped at .Then came the bronchitis which dragged on and on followed swiftly by the most dreadful weeks of rain and storms that even Bessie would not have gone out in (!!) Hospital next and just when I was getting into a routine of doing the obligatory post-op walking, an infection in my leg ! Now you know my reasons (excuses??) for being a couch potatoe & all the comfort eating and I am sticking to them !!

We did walk our legs off in Cornwall and enjoyed it immensely, but since then I am back in the old habit of walking as little as possible, usually about 15 minutes a day when I go to see Megan first thing in the morning. I don't think this is quite enough (!!)- so the new regime starts today, not tomorrow - today !!

I think the next few weeks will have to see a lot of this

Longer walks (at least 5 kms a day) with no shirking should help and maybe dust the cobwebs off the bikes and try a bit of cycling !!! Any other suggestions will be very welcome as I really have to be positive about this or no trip to the UK in September (DH putting his foot down with a firm hand - Hah !! ) and that would mean no more visits to all those lovely quilt shops this year and that would be tragic !!

Another incentive to loose weight is a day trip to Paris and a visit to Sacre Coeur and Montmartre, the one part of Paris we haven't explored yet . It would be nice to be able to wear something reasonably 'smart' for the trip instead of the baggy T-shirt that hides a multitude of sins. It's only 2 hours and 10 minutes from Rennes to Paris by train, and the TGV (High Speed Train ) tickets are booked for 28 August so that gives me something like 9 weeks to get going!! One major problem in all this - I hate lettuce !!!!


Gina said...

So don't eat it. LOL
Eats lots of veg and fruit. I think the balance on the plate should be quarter protein, quarter carbs and then half veg.
I only eat the three meals a day and then any snacks is fruit only. the weight is slowly coming off. Walking will help. I piled my weight on after we lost our last dog, but now we've got Stanley I'm walking again whatever the weather. It does help.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Elizabethd said...

Try swimming too.
Lots of salads which dont need to have lettuce included, maybe you could use leaves like rocket or tatsoi? Nothing in between meals, says she who has just eaten a choc biscuit with cup of tea.........

Mad about Craft said...

Good Luck!!

A good incentive - no visits to quilt shops.

Brigitte said...

Près du Sacré Coeur il y a le marché Saint Pierre et de nombreuses, très nombreuses, très, très nombreuses boutiques de tissus et de merceries. Ne pas oublier de se munir de sa carte visa.

Quilting Diva said...

You look great