Monday, 30 June 2008

Red Letter Day !

Wow!! Just published my last post and noticed that my visitors' counter has hit 2, 000 !!

I think the last visitor was my fellow ' adopted countryman' Brigitte, who left me a lovely message about quilt shops in Paris ! Ne tu inquietes pas, Brigitte ! Je n'irai pas a Paris san ma carte Visa !!

Thanks to EVERYONE who has visited the Blog - I never thought I would have this many visitors in just 6 months when I started out - Wonderful !!!


Kristie said...

I just found your blog not too long ago and I just love it! It is always so interesting and fun.

Sarah Nopp said...

I got it IGotit IGOTIT!!!
I just received the most beautiful little quilt of reds & blues & blacks that is just wonderful. Thank you so much! And those little books are darling (and really, you should tell the maker to start selling those on Etsy or whatever is like that on your side of the pond.)
When I picked them up from my mailbox, I was carrying on enough that my husband came hustling to see what I was making a fuss over LOL
Thank you so much, I really love it and I think I will take it to my office (I think I am there more than home).
You did a wonderful job.