Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Santa's Late Delivery !

Look what's arrived !

Well - not late really(!) just that I held back the order during the manic Christmas posting period! I think this might have been a good move , as I've had one gift parcel go AWOL en route to a dear friend in Miami and another going to my daughter in the UK !! Very annoying, but on the whole not a bad record when I think how many parcels have come and gone in the last 8 years, and listening to some sob stories, I seem to have done very well !
I have to say that one thing I would never complain about is a late delivery from the Fabric Shack , I've probably already told you that their service is amazing! I placed this particular order via their web site on 8 January, was notified of despatch 9 January and it arrived today - not bad at all in anyone's book, and this is quite normal! I think I would say that this is quicker (besides being a lot cheaper!!) than buying fabrics from the UK , as I've noticed a number of on line stores advising a couple of days delay before dealing with orders let alone posting them!

At least now I can get on with some more of these finished !
Not in any particular order and I am sure there will be a lot of shuffling of 'quarters' before they are put together - not trimmed or finally pressed either, so you get to see them warts and all!!The PP wasn't too bad in the end as there was a very easy to follow tutorial in the book , but the arcs - well, that was another matter !!! Some of them are reasonable but then some of them not so good !!
A couple of new links on the side bar for those who've not already found these lovely sites - there are just so many free BoMs at the moment it is getting very difficult to decide which to do and which you should turn your back on ............decisions, decisions.................!


Dresden Plate said...

Wow, circles!! They look so good.
And that is such a great collection of fabric you have.

Annelies said...

What a beautiful fabrics. I have never made a NY beauty quilt, but I am tempted.

Elle Emm said...

wow, nice haul. How have you been?

sewkalico said...

Your NYB's look stunning (unseen warts and all)