Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mixed Bag = Long Post !

The time has come, the walrus said ................but with apologies to Lewis Carroll, it's time to think of fewer things ! I seem to be trying to balance more than usual at the moment so - unfortunately a couple of items have been shelved and 'disappeared' from my side bar!

I am going to stick with 'Once Upon a Time' and 'Verandah Views' BoMs for the moment and keep 'Quilters Blessings' until the end of February, when there is a trip to the UK scheduled - it will be easier to cart about as I am using just the one colour thread ! Rapunzel is finished

though I still haven't finished the January 'Noah's Ark' block ,it is so tiny that I can barely see the markings even with the specs on (!!) in the kind of 'day'light that we're having at the moment so it'll have to wait for a bright sunny day! I need to limit my stitchery so's I can try and teach myself to needle turn applique before I get to the borders on the NYBs - Ahem !! any tips/hints would be very welcome !!!

Sunday was a 'play'day so I went to this link and made two Kidlets!

with William as usual keeping an eye on things !! The green one is slightly smaller than the pattern as I only had a FQ of the novelty fabric and check out my selvedge pocket!! Never let it be said that we are behind the fashion here in France!! This might count as my Gift of the Month for January and go to one of my quilting friends with a couple of fat quarters - what do you think ?

Finally, my first finish for 2009!

An almost photo of my first attempt at a raw edge applique quilt - could also be my last ! Rather rumpled I'm afraid as it had been packed away waiting for a fine day, then the sun came out momentarily a little earlier , so I grabbed it (complete with creases!!)threw it on the (wet) grass, a quick click then just made it back indoors before the next hail shower!!! It had been packed up in this bag

made from a spare block that 'appeared' because the background fabric was too light when compared to the other blocks - so waste not want not, which I guess is everyone's motto in these difficult times! The pattern is a slightly modified Chook Shed pattern from Australian Patchwork & Quilting ( thought I'd better mention the modification, don't want anyone thinking that they've changed to speaking French 'Down Under' :-) )


Gina said...

Love the quilt.

are you coming over to Wales or are you staying in enemy territory. LOL

I know what you mean about over commiting. I'm limiting myself to three stitchery BOM's and no patchwork this year. don't know how long I'll hold out though.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Suzanne said...

Your blocks look wonderful, even on wet grass between storms! Glad you are not over-extending yourself. I'm simplifying (somewhat)myself this year too

Elizabethd said...

Lovely finished block, finished alreay and it is only January. You work fast!

Kate quilts... said...

The quilts looks great, creases and all. :o)