Thursday, 8 January 2009

A New Start !

I was up to date with my Noah's Ark stitchery until a couple of days ago, then the January block appeared, but as it is such a tiny thing I am sure it'll get done before too long - then just one more to go and time to put it all together - which brings me to one of my new starts!

I (as well as lots of others!) have found a lovely stitchery BoM at Capricorn Quilts which is going to be based on fairy tales - how nice is that- and I've decided to sew along with these to replace Noah's Ark ! I never thought I would admit to having enjoyed ' hand sewing' as much as this :-)

This is the second series I have found by the talented and generous Bea, I also stumbled across her Quilters' Blessings blocks about half way through the year. Unfortunately, there was a time limit to their availabilty and I missed quite a few, but once again, a very generous quilter came to my rescue and sent me the missing ones - thank you Annelies !! Please go visit Annelies' blog , she does some amazing stichery!

I am well behind with Quilters' Blessings as I have only managed 5 ( 2 more since the photo!), but will keep going and use them to fill in any spare time , but my main priority is to keep up with the monthly postings if I can !!

Another new start is that I've joined in Kathy's Gift of the Month challenge. This sounded like a great idea as I was full of good intention last Christmas to make gifts for everyone and as I left it until the last minute (as one does!!) so very little got done because of my various health issues!! Go along and have a look - maybe it will help you too!!

My third new start is the Shipshewana Amish quilt by Sentimental Stiches - I've made 2 blocks , but am a bit worried that there have only been 4 so far! I know that Gayle has been having some computer issues and really hope that all is sorted for her soon - otherwise what am I going to do with these

and all of this !!!

WOW! Only one photo turned by Blogger today !!


Suzanne said...

It sounds like your are starting 2009 with alot of energy and fun projects...glad you are feeling better after the flu. I am going to check out the blog on gifts...thanks for sharing the info!

Annelies said...

I love your Quilters Blessings blocks.
Did you see the new stitchery by Gail Pan ?
Enjoy your weekend !
Bonne weekend !

Clare said...

Ummmm - I know of "someone" who would take those gorgeous solids off you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've just looked at the Sentimental Stitches site. I hope she carries on with this qult - it's lovely.

Happy New Year!