Saturday, 17 January 2009

I want to tell you a story.........

..............about good turns, and how they keep going around!

Some time back I joined a fibre postcard group on Yahoo and spent a number of very pleasant months swapping postcards with quilters all over the world including Jovita in Lithuania .(check out her photos, she does some amazing work !)Even though I haven't swapped FPCs for a very long time now, I met up with her again when I joined the Birthday Block Swap on last year.

A couple of weeks ago I got a mail from Jovi asking if I could help her to get hold of a particular copy of the French quilting magazine Magic Patch. After unsuccessfully trawling all the local 'Presse' (newsagents) for the copy, which was a little out of date, I eventually found it( the last one too !), at the LQS and sent it off.

Now Jovi is even more 'fabric starved' than I am, but this didn't stop her offering to send me something in return for the mag, but to me it just wasn't an issue as I' ve received so many acts of kindness myself from other quilters it was good to have a chance to be able help someone in return !

Today a surprise squishy arrived in the post box, and inside was this beautiful little pink angel from......

.......yes, that's right - Jovi!!

Thank you so very much Jovita , she's going to take pride of place in my workroom !! Just one little problem though - I will have to find a safe hiding place for her before any of the DGDs visit or she might up and move to the UK :-)

Isn't it lovely to belong to such a great 'family' !!


Annelies said...

What a beautiful angel. How nice of Jovita to send you this.

Gina said...

She's beautiful, what a lovely thank you gift

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Elizabethd said...

How very pretty. You were fortunate to find the copy of the magazine!