Monday, 5 January 2009

One Degree Under!

No - that's not the weather, that's me & DH I'm afraid, as we've both been laid up with some kind of tummy bug/'flu thingie that's been invading this area of Brittany ! Thankfully, it is wearing off now and it will be a treat to be able to eat something other than soup, which has been our main diet for the last few days - what a way to see the New Year in !! Of course I am blaming the surprise visitors we had from the UK - I don't know why it is, but whenever we come in contact with our fellow countrymen, we end up 'suffering' from something or another, and it's not just me (!) it seems to be some strange phenomena that effects most of the ex-pats that I know !!

The weather, that's another topic ! It has been very cold over Christmas and New Year and yesterday the morning temperature was minus 8 degrees C ! Now I know that's not cold for lots of people but for us more 'delicate' mid European types, believe me that's cold !! It had been quite bright , sunny and rather pleasant in spite of the cold, until today that is and now we have sleet/freezing rain with roads and pathways that are positively dangerous and covered in black ice -so much for global warming as this is the coldest winter we've had in all our time in Brittany!!

On the quilting side of life, lots going on at the moment but nothing I can photograph as the light is so very bad , and I ain't going outside to do it :-) I did have a paper piecing session booked last Friday with Lucy , not a lesson as such but more of a ' help me' (!) so that I could make a start on the NYB blocks, but as that was wiped out by the tummy bug , I decided to make a start on my own -GULP!! Other than giving myself aching jaws from clenching my teeth whilst concentrating it wasn't as bad as I thought , and they've turned out quite well in my opinion - photos will follow when the sun comes back out !

I have also managed to turn this quiltie



into 9 of these large scrappy blocks (14" finished!)

thanks to Kate's generous Clearout Swap ! I am really looking forward to (trying!) to turn these into a lap quilt, so Thank You Kate !!


Annelies said...

Happy New Year !!
It is also very cold in The Netherlands.

loulee1 said...

Yeuck. I hope you're feeling al better soon. Happy New Year. said...

Now it is mild again...Happy new year said...

ca a marché ???