Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Nature Journal Quilt Challenge - Month 2

This month's challenge is 'your favourite season' and for me its just got to be Spring !!!

After all the gloom of Winter I don't think there is anything better to lift your spirits than a bunch of golden daffodils, but perhaps I am biased being a Welsh'man' !! I love all the Spring flowers from the dainty snowdrops, which are usually the first visitors of the season ,to the very showy azaleas that bring a burst of flashy colour to the flower beds later on . A couple more of my personnal favourites are primroses and cowslips, both of which peep out in the shadier depths of my garden . So , as I said, no contest as to what is my favourite season, as for me Spring means a fresh, new start filled with bright and cheerful colours !

I 've been wanting to try out Tonya's letters for a while now, and this seemed like a good project to start on , and I must say I'm quite pleased with it! Admittedly the letters are a bit squashy, but it was difficult trying to get them to fit onto a JQ ! What I should have done (isn't hindsight a wonderful gift !) was photograph the letters before I chopped them down as they looked better then. DH is very taken with the stemless daffodils, ( praise indeed !) ,and I haven't the heart to tell him that there wasn't enough room for stems !!

My ALQS2 quilt is finished and ready to to go to its new home once I've managed to find some 'goodies' to send with it - here's a little corner of it !

October birthday block is also finished and ready to post tomorrow, so that only leaves me with a FPC for Brigitte to complete and that'll be me done with swaps for this month! Perhaps now I can find the time to quilt a couple of the UFOs lurking around the place !!


Dresden Plate said...

I do like your daffodils!

Wil Opio Oguta said...

Your nature quilt is lovely! Funny, I picked this season too.

Clare said...

Great letters. Tonya's done a tutorial on how to squash letters down for smaller quilts. I've just finished one for her Priority Hope Challenge and it's a lot easier than you think.

Keep practising!

So so sorry to read about Megan - you must have been devastated!

Gina said...

I love the quilt. The daffs are great and the colours of the letters are really spring like

Love and hugs Gina xxx

loulee1 said...

Your daffodils look great. The letters look good too, I wouldn't have said they were squished, until you mentioned it!

Suzanne said...

I like what you did. I look forward to Spring each year after all the snow here in Utah (USA)

You've been really busy!