Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Scrap Happy !

I really love scrappy quilts! I am constantly amazed at the way that fabric 'allsorts' come together to make something useful and pleasing to the eye! I have several other reasons for this addiction not the least being that scrappies are just so forgiving about all my mistakes (not that quilters make mistakes, we just 'experiment' don't we !!) The other big reason is that most of my fabric is bought on line and with the best will in the world, when it arrives it is not always what I'd envisaged - so for me scrappy is great for using up all these unfortunate buys !!

Having said all that, it'll come as no big surpise that I am a big fan of Bonnie Hunter and her quilts, not to mention her generosity in sharing her knowledge & talent so freely, so once again I
have started one of Bonnie's quilts .

Just a couple of finished blocks, but already the top is taking shape-well, it would be if Blogger stopped turning the photos !!!

As well as a 'start' I also have a 'finish' to show - my Tumbler Block quilt !!

I saw this quilt on a blog (can't remember who's unfortuately, but it was lovely!) and thought it was something I'd like to try. It has taken a little while :-) but finished it is - at last !!

Our weather continues to be glorious,lots of sunshine and blue skies, albeit a little cool after very frosty mornings, but this sunshine will surely help to shorten our Winter, which is looming on the horizon ! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays dry & fine at least until Friday, as we are off to Jersey on a day trip to do some 'British' shopping for all the bits and pieces that we can't buy in France (isn't it strange how we cling to some things !!) and guess what - St Hellier's actually boasts 2 quilting shops, so not prizes for guessing where I'll be spending my time!!!!! The downside is that the ferry leaves early in the moning and as we have to be at the ferry port 1 hour before departure, it's going to be a morning when we are up BEFORE the chickens !!!


Kathie said...

congrats on finishing your tumbler quilt
My tumbler is one of my favorite quilts.
I hope to make another one some next one will be a charm quilt
I have collected a couple hundred tumblers and will continue to cut one from every new fabric I get...

loulee1 said...

Your tumbler quilt looks lovely.
Safe journey.

Mary said...

You've reminded me that I want to make a tumbler quilt one of these days -- I also saw Kathie's and it was beautiful too.