Friday, 2 May 2008

Well, my bags are packed....

My bags may be packed, but I am certainly not ready to go !!! Being the coward that I am, I am not looking forward to this enforced break, but off I will go just the same !!! No more sewing or Bloggging for at least a week - what on earth am I going to do with myself ?????

I did manage to get my quilt for the Minature Booty Swap away in the post today, so at least that's off my mind, just need to sort out the next swap now and am already feeling very inadequate after seeing the first two quilts posted on the ALQS web site -go have a look, they are both lovely and I would certainly be happy to receive either one of them!! Actually as this is my first swap of this kind, I will be delighted with any quilt I receive!
Going back to the Giverny trip, I forgot to mention that the other attraction in the villiage is this.
As well as the superb artwork being exhibited (this was just one exhibition)
the gardens were also worth a second look - full of tulips of every shade and size

And even a mini lily pond - complete with fish!!

What was really nice to see though was a group of young French school children sitting around the gardens finger painting their own masterpieces !!

Lastly, just a couple of CWD blocks, again all from the Love Letters book. I know I have made more CWD blocks than LL and I am trying to even up the numbers. The aim is to join Kathie & Patti in ending up with 2 twin size quilts instead of one big one and am going to try for one from each book so...... I think one of my next jobs needs to be separating and cataloguing everything so I know just where I am at !!!!

Top : Prisoner of War & Another Prison
Btm : Squad Drills

Well, signing off time I'm afraid, at least for the next week, so see you all then !!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures as usual!!
Will be keeping you in my prayers as I'm as chicken as you are!!!

Patti said...

Have a great time - I'm sure all will be well.

I also need to sort my Civil War Diaries blocks into a set from each book. I have been marking them off in the book as I do them so I know which ones I've done. Now that I know I'm going to make both quilts I figure I'd better make them in order and start sewing them together now - otherwise it will be a huge task to arrange two sets of 121 blocks!