Tuesday, 20 May 2008

One Step Forward & Two Steps Back.....

.....Nobody gets too far like that - so say the lyrics of the song by the Dessert Rose Band , and it was also the very first C&W Line Dance routine I learnt !! (Did I mention I am a C&W freak as well as a line dancer and have been for years !!) I remember feeling very frustrated at that time because I could not get my feet to go where they should be going and my co-ordination was well off course, or so it seemed!! I have to admit to feeling a bit like that right now, frustration mainly, slow co-ordination sometimes and it certainly seems that for each step I take forward , I fall back two !! I just don't seem to be picking up at all, even the good days have disappeared. I am managing to get my (enforced) walking done and have got up to 4 miles at the moment, but other than that I have no energy and certainly have more discomfort now in my legs than ever and I am sure it is nothing to do with the exercise and now on top of everything I had developed cronic back pain!! I don't even want to go into my sewing room and that's a very bad sign !! My GP is coming to see me this afternoon for a check up, so maybe he will have some words of wisdom or at least some explanations for me. I am one of these people who need to know 'why?' and now I need to know what is going on with my body !!!!

The few warm, sunny days we had last week have really woken up the garden - we have the first lupins

Roses on their way up the front of the house
(think they need a spray though by the look of the leaves!!!)

and Clematis trying to cover
the old plum tree

On my one and only visit to see Megan since I left hospital, I managed to snap this

Only 16 hours old here - isn't she just gorgeous!!! Now 4 days old, DH tells me that she is already racing around the paddock followed closely by an anxious Mum!! I am really surprised at this, as knowing the mare's temperament, I didn't think she would be such a good parent !!


Karol-Ann said...

Parcel almost ready! Hope you feel better soon!!!

Elizabethd said...

Hello from another bit of Brittany.
hope you are beginning to feel much better, it takes a while, I know from experience.
Are you doing any quilting right now?