Saturday, 17 May 2008

All Sorts of Everything !

Its been a funny few days - I thought I was on the up, but Thursday and Friday I was back to feeling really low and tearful again so obviously I must still have some anaesthetic lurking around me ! Having said that, I do feel a lot better again today and even managed my first long walk this morning - 4 kms ,which isn't too bad I think for 10 days post-op & complete with stockings !!

I keep forgetting to mention the birthday, possibly because most of it passed in a haze (!) , but I had a great selection of cards from family & friends, a dozen yellow roses (my favourites!!) from DH plus an IOU to spend on fabrics when I am in the UK - as if I need encouragement !!! This funky chicken from Harrison & Phoebe , two of our little horrors (Ooops - I mean grandchildren!!)

Isn't it great ! I have a thing about chickens and this one sits just nicely on the shelf at the side on my sewing machine. A 'posh' pincushion from DD, Sian

This lovely little fabric paper quilt and charm pack , Thanks Annette !!

There was also 4 yards of fabric from Stephanie , 2 shrubs from Lesley, some chocolates and more flowers from other friends here in Brittany that I haven't managed to take photos of yet. As we are going over to the UK at the end of the month, all my other gifts are waiting for me & I have a feeling that there is going to be a 'surprise' get together to hand them over at some stage !!!!

On the sewing scene , I have 2 CWD blocks finished and another half done, so will wait to post them all together. I have also managed to get the sashing on my Pioneer Sampler quilt, although it's in 2 pieces at the moment as I want to try and quilt it in sections as per Marti Mitchell.

And now a little teaser -these are some of the fabrics for my ALQS swap , again WAY out of my comfort zone, but what the heck!!!
Final note is that I did eventually get through to Quilting Treasures by email and received an acknowledgement saying they were investigating the query - so I guess I just sit and wait now !!


Mad about Craft said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Looks like you had some lovely presents. Have a good trip to the UK!

Karol-Ann said...

Don't forget to act surprised :-)