Thursday, 29 May 2008

And Then There Were Two !

Now that I am ' sans stockings', and just about able to pour myself into a pair of jeans (!!) I have managed to get to see Megs a few times and take a photo of the second foal that was born last week. This one is a colt (as you can see!), so one of each !! In France registered horses have to be named according to the letter of the alphabet for that particular year. This year it is 'U' , not an easy one, so they have been named Ulysses and Une Fee de Hidou for the filly. Roughly (not literally) translated she is 'A Hidou Fairy' (but it sounds much prettier in French !!)Clever way of the using the required letter to introduce the name of the stud, don't you think ?


Now I knew , and probably you did too , that I would not be able to resist trying the Quilt-a-Long with the new fabric, so - here are 4 blocks from yesterday. I made blocks 1-3 and then jumped to Block 9 as it seemed to be the easiest one and by 9 pm I was looking for easy. The photo doesn't do justice to the colours unfortunately. One of the penalties for living in an old house with walls 3 foot thick is that the lighting is dreadful!! When the sun shines (!!!!) I can take photos outside again !

My very good cyber friend, Jeannie in Florida, offered me some of her 'scraps' to help out my meagre stash for the Chunky Churdashes blocks (being a fairly new quilter its not even a stash really, more of a big bundle by most standards!!) Now - I am not too proud to jump at a chance like that, in fact I was very grateful and looked forward to receiving a small packet of offcuts !! A parcel arrived yesterday full of YARDS of fabric in huge pieces, this is just some of it

Thank you so very much, Jeannie, you're a star!!!

Don't know if I'll have a chance to Blog again before our 5am start on Saturday and not even sure when I will get connected again, but I hope to talk to you again around 18 June when I get back home Now though, I am off to shorten some trousers for DH (!!) not the kind of sewing I like - and then make some sort of a start on the packing or we won't be going at all !!

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Elizabethd said...

Lovely collection of fabric. Maybe we will have a chance to do a swap sometime!