Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Two posts in one day !! Well - I almost forgot the other reason I went into the garden this afternoon was to take this photo - finished at last!!!

Not the best photo in the world, but as the quilt turned out bigger than I expected and this was the only way to fit the whole thing in !! It isn't quite flat as I didn't want to get it dirty - obviously had I thought things through properly (!!) I should have put a sheet under it - ah well, never too old to learn !!

I found the pattern here, and really liked the alternative layout at the bottom of the page. I didn't imagine that all those browns and tans that somehow kept on getting pushed to the back of the drawer would end up looking like this - I am quite pleased with it!!


quiltgrl61 said...

LOVE IT!!!! and actually love the browns and lights. I will be making this!!!

Sarah Nopp said...

Too sweet :)
I am making a browns/creams log cabin too. It may be for my niece who is set to graduate in a month. I haven't decided yet if I like her that much LOL

John Adams said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks for swinging by my blog! I'm enjoying looking at your projects, and I'm excited to track your progress on your two small quilt swaps. I'm in Kate's swap, and it's my first one too ... so I'm curious to see how we both fare. :)
Take care,