Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A Rose by Any Other Name

Occasionally in Rennes we have English language films shown at the local cinemas and last week The Other Boleyn Girl, based on Phillipa Gregory's book of the same name, was advertised so off we went to see it on Saturday. We did actually cause a bit of a stir at the cinema, marching up to the cash desk , asking for tickets and being met by a blank stare ! Now I know that my French can be lacking at times, but my accent is not usually that bad !! Right on cue, the manager came bustling up and tried to help us in his lovely English learnt from watching MTV (his words not mine!!) and very apologetically assured us that the film was not showing at his cinema. With this he promptly pulled out the brochure listing all programmes to convince me of this fact, and -guess what - the the first thing I saw was a film titled 'Deux Soeurs pour Un Roi' which translates into 'Two Sisters for a King' AKA 'The Other Boleyn Girl' !! Who said there is nothing in a name !!!! Ever tried explaining English history (in French !!) to someone in the middle of a cinema vestibule - not recommended and it certainly generated the second lot of blank looks of the day !! It was an excellent programme though and well worth the hassle !!

We 've a couple additions to our equine family - Megan has aquired 2 yearlings to share the pasture with her and Wraneze for the next couple of weeks - and she is NOT amused!!! This normally placid & laid-back mare has suddenly gone mental and turned into a snarling, teeth gnashing (and biting!) nightmare !! I should mention though it is only when the ponies invade her personnal space and particulary at feeding times , but what a revelation !!! But then , perhaps she is not too unlike any of us more mature ladies (!) when we have teenagers bugging us - I certainly have to admit to some teeth gnashing on a few occassions, but haven't yet started to try and take a bite out of the offender!!!

Ooops!! Almost forgot - the blocks! Just 4 this time and all from the Love Letters book.

Top: Healthful Region & A Lonesome Place

Btm: Funeral Procession & Queen of the West

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Karen said...

I enjoyed reading through your blog and also the picture of your reproduction quilt blocks.