Thursday, 17 April 2008

More Treats!

As it is more than possible I will be spending my birthday in hospital in 2 weeks time (!) we're going to squeeze in another treat before then and go and visit Monet's garden at Giverny for a couple of days next week . Again something we've been meaning to do for simply ages, but keep postponing because other things get in the way !

At the begining of the year, we decided to make more of an effort to visit all the lovely places that are just that bit too far to go there and back in a day and, as the next 4 months seem to be filling up rather quickly, with a 3 week visit to the UK and family & friends coming and going all summer - now seems like a good time to see the gardens. Hopefully all the spring flowers will be blooming, and whilst it probably won't be quite as spectacular as July/August, it will certainly be less crowded, which is always a bit of a bonus!! As it is partly my birthday treat, we have decided to spend the night here - isn't it just lovely!!!

One other treat today was the arrival of a package of fabric for my next quilt project. I haven't taken a photo, as all the fabrics are shown in the link . Don't know quite when it will get started, as I have several other bits and pieces to finish first, but at least I am ready to go!!!


Patti said...

I think you'll really enjoy this new project. I know I've had a wonderful time making my pre-1830's medallion. Looks like the fabrics they picked are definitely true to the time for this sort of quilt.

MargaretR said...

I haven't had time to look at blogs much recently and you seem to be having a great time of it Ann. Pity you will be in the hospital for your bithday, but it seems to me you are making up for it before going in.
Hwyl fawr.