Sunday, 20 April 2008

Miniature v Doll Quilts

Knowing next to nothing about miniature/doll quilts, what do I do - join not one but two swaps !!! Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time and 'small' quilts can't be that difficult. WRONG! The first think to throw me was to discover that there is a difference between the two, so I asked my trusty friend Google to explain and it seems that even Google can't tell the difference as I get the same info for 'miniature' as I do for 'doll'!! I am sure that somewhere there is a clear explanation of the finer points, but so far I have failed to find it - to say that I am confused is putting it mildly!!! I will certainly have to sort it out in my head before starting the quiltie due in July !

Luckily the List Mom for the first swap has kindly moved the goal post to 'anything goes' as long as it meets all other criteria such as size etc (Thank You Toni !) so I have spent all my sewing time over the last few days trying to get it done before I go into hospital. The due date isn't until 23 May, but I don't want to be worrying about deadlines after the end of the month. All is finished except for the quilting and I think it has turned out quite well. Can't post any photos yet I'm afraid its to be a surprise.

This project is a whole list of 'firsts' for me, - my first 'small' quilt: my first quilt swap: my first real test working well outside my comfort zone as far as colour goes : my first mitred corners (!!) and the first time anyone is going to be on the receiving end of my feeble attempts to machine quilt (Sorry Partner !!!).

Just a little explanation - I have failed to download the link for the Miniature Booty Swap Logo, for some reason or another Blogger keeps telling me that the photo has been removed (!!). No problem linking to ALQS at all so don't know what is wrong

So - no CWD blocks this week-end , but I have finished the binding on the Coffee & Cream quilt and it's now ready for washing - just need the rain to stop for a few days to get it dry again !!!!!!

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katelnorth said...

Hi Ann - I think the difference is that doll quilt simply refers to a quilt which is the right size for a doll (i.e. small) regardless of what size the individual blocks are, whereas _technically_ a miniature quilt is where the pieces are proportional to larger quilt blocks, only on a small scale.

The ALQS swap is a doll quilt swap in the sense I have outlined above - or rather, it's simply a swap of small quilts. If you WANT to make a miniature quilt, that's fine, but it is not a swap of miniature quilts (in the sense I've defined above) so you shouldn't expect to receive one.

Frankly, for the ALQS swap, you can do pretty much whatever you like in terms of style, as long as the quilt is the right overall size and you try to take into account your partner's tastes... Clear as mud?