Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Monet's Gardens

I don't quite know how to begin describing the visit to Giverny!! It was a wonderful experience and everything lived up to our expectations ! Warm sunny weather, great lodgings at the 17th century water mill, good food (and wine!!) and genial company and then the gardens!!! There is no way to adequately describe the explosion of colours that appeared around each turn of the paths so I think I'll just let the photos tell their own story! These are just a few of over 200 that I took - what did we do before digital cameras!! I really have to make an effort and put the rest of them and those from the Chateau de Versailles onto a Picasso album - but that's for another day!!

View of the gardens from Monet's bedroom window - the water garden is behind the hedges.

Then there was THE Bridge!

and the house !

No photos were allowed inside the house which is a great shame as the rooms were as colourful as the gardens. ( As you can see, almost impossible to get any photos without someone else in the frame!!) We were actually quite lucky as we got to the gardens early in the morning and missed most of the coach loads of tourists that were arriving by the minute!! But how could you not want to share this with the whole world!! One thing is certain - I will be back in June next year to see the roses bloom, but after almost 4 hours of walking the gardens I started to feel like this I must admit!!!

Didn't find him in Giverny but quite nearby - but isn't he just so cute !!

Back to reality now, and on with the sewing!!

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blackbearcabin said...

What beautiful pictures...I imagine that the other 200 photos are just as lovely! I hope to go there someday, so thanks for sharing!
Love your brown quilt too :)
Im participating in Kate's ALQS, and im trying to visit everyones blog! You post wonderful pics...im sure ill be back again soon!
Have a nice day!