Saturday, 13 December 2008

Making New Friends ....

....or meeting cyber friends and changing them into 'real' friends!

Wednesday saw us off at the crack of dawn to drive to Angers to meet Brigitte and her husband and what a lovely day we had!

It is quite a long time since we were last in Angers and had forgotten what a beautiful city it is with the chateau , cathedral plus numerous other historic buildings and - not forgetting the river Maine majestically flowing through the centre !
It had been planned for us to spend a little time looking at all these wonderful sights, but due to traffic problems on the 2 1/2 hour journey , plus the fact that we managed to get 'lost' in the one way traffic system (!!), we arrived rather late , so this part of the day didn't happen quite as planned ! However, we did manage a whistle stop drive around the main sights (thanks to Brigitte's DH!!) and at least managed to grab a photo of the Adam's House ,built in the 12th century, the oldest surviving house in Angers (again thanks to our host!).

It is called Adam's House because there used to be carved wooden statues of Adam and Eve each side of the front door - that is until someone came along one night and removed them !

Another reason for our visit was to see the exhibition of the tapestries of Jean Lurcat . Angers is fortunate enough to be hosting a temporary exhibition of items from all over France in addition to their own permanent display of his works in Hopital St Jean ! I don't have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to begin to describe what I saw - the sizes of the individual tapestries are overwhelming and the colours , well, they just explode out of them and fill your whole mind !

No photos were allowed in the museum, which is probably just as well as there is no way you could capture the colours or feelings that these works of art invoke !! I did manage a few outside Hopital St Jean (built in 1175) though, just to give you a feel of the age of the building

Yes - that's my shadow I'm afraid !!

A truly memorable day spent in delighful company ! Merci beaucoup, Brigitte, pour votre hospitalité ! J'espère que nous allons passer plusieurs jours comme ça - tous ensemble!

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Brigitte said...

you're welcome Ann, was my pleasure !