Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Treasure !

My Holiday Booty Swap quilt arrived today from Kathy , and it is another little treasure!

I 'borrowed' the photo off Kathy's blog ( I hope she doesn't mind!) as I've just not had the chance to take one of my own during daylight and now it is dark and anyway, my photos are always squiffy!!! I must tell you that it looks even better in real life and the black stitching around the applique gives its a sort of 3D look - beautiful!!

There were other goodies in the parcel hidden among the pretty polka dot tissue!

Some note paper, a scissors pin, a quilty nail file, a rotary cutter case and an ornament from Luckenbach, Texas - what a haul ! Whilst I've been waiting for my quilt to arrive from ?? I did tell myself that I wouldn't open it until Christmas - I am just so glad that the wrappings weren't all taped down as it gave me the excuse to peep and once I'd seen the quilt - well I just have to have it on show as soon as possible!!!

Thank You again Kathy for this little gem and another big Thank You to Toni for taking the time and the trouble for arranging the swap during what must be the busiest period of the whole year !!

Oops! Just realised I forgot to put something in the photo - there was a quilting magazine also!! Sorry Kathy (!) but that's still in the lounge waiting to be devoured from cover to cover as it is such a luxury to have a new English language quilting mag!!!!

I 've been very lucky to receive such lovely quilts for my first year taking of part in these swaps, and I only hope that my offerings gave as much pleasure to those they were sent to as I 've had being on the receiving end!!!

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