Friday, 28 November 2008

Catch Up

Back on this post I mentioned how much I'd enjoyed making the little bag from Stitchers Angels and that I was tempted to join in the Noah's Ark BoM - well, I did join in and have managed to catch up !

It is many years since I've done so much hand stitching (!!) and I am VERY rusty , but I've really enjoyed it and I'm waiting patiently for block 10 !

I think I can now put the little 'Noah's Ark' badge on my side bar with a clear concience!!


Annelies said...

Wow Ann, you have really catched up ! They are beautiful.
Enjoy your weekend !

Jo in Tas said...

I better get a wriggle on and do the Penguins! Great job you've done catching up!!

Gina said...

They are lovely. I'm planning to do some more stitcheries in the New Year

Love and hugs Gina xxx