Sunday, 23 November 2008

Slow News Week

It's been a very quiet week here in Brittany mainly due to a bit of a bad start after having my anti 'flu jab .

This is only the second time I've had the jab and as I reacted badly the first time, I said never again, but given the kind of year I've had healthwise, I listened to the Dr's advice and put myself right back in the frame for several nasty 'flu type days as a result!! DH has it every year as he is one of these 'at risk' people ( cardiac disease) and never has a problem - just goes to show doesn't it !!!

One thing accomplished though is that my Holiday Booty Swap quilt is finally finished, packed and ready to go on Tuesday when the Post Office opens . I've only just made the deadline, which is silly as it's been finished for an age except for sewing down the binding - anyone else hate this job?? A little peek but before the binding went on !!

I have a question for all Log Cabin fans - how do you quilt your tops ? I have one almost ready but can't decide how to machine quilt over all these seams - any advice anyone ???

I shouldn't really mention the Wales v New Zealand rugby match last night (!!) DH is still in a state of shock especially as he thought Wales was on a roll at half time - isn't it sad to see a grown man cry (LOL!!!) Having said that England didn't do any better against South Africa and it was left to Ireland & Scotland to salvage a little British pride in their matches against Argentina & Canada !! France & Italy also lost to Australia and the Pacific Islanders respectively - doesn't say a great deal for the Northern Hemisphere teams does it - perhaps its lots of sunshine that equates to better (!) rugby players !!!!

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Suzanne said...

While I was sick in the hospital last week, they asked if I wanted a flu shot...couldn't bring myself to be jabbed one more time!