Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Cold & Frosty Morning !

Our weather has been very strange the last few weeks, one minute wet & cold with high winds and the next wet & mild without a breath of air - the only thing that has been consistent is that it has been very GREY ! Even the odd mornings that started off reasonably bright deteriorated rapidly as the day went on.

Our normal routine is to try for a walk after lunch but this has fallen by the way lately because of the weather pattern, so as this morning was very frosty but bright

we changed our habit, left the housework and went off to the Voie Vert ( Green Way). As you can see from the web site(translated by Google from the original French language site !) this is a traffic free zone

that is about 5 minutes drive away , nearest marker on the map is Neant-sur Yvel

One of the best things about the Voie Vert is that you can walk there in any weather and keep out of the mud - the draw back is that you have to walk 'there and back' which can be a bit daunting at times

When it was first opened, it was very stark as the 'lane' was newly metalled, and the verges were inches deep in red gravel, now though nature is taking over and turning it into a real 'Green Way!

Cold it might have been but well worth the effort for views like this !


Gina said...

What a beautiful place to walk.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

loulee1 said...

That kind of cold I don't mind. It's the cold wet stuff that I object too.
Looks like a beautiful walk.