Sunday, 6 July 2008

Problem Solved !

Well, the wedding certainly went off very well yesterday if the noise was anything to go by !!! We are only a very small village, more of a hamlet really as there are only 11 occupied houses, so everyone got to join in the later celebrations !!! Our contribution of a bottle of champagne didn't go very far between some 50 people !!! The weather was not too unkind, rather fresh but at least the rain kept off, and when we went to bed around midnight the party was still swinging , so no bets being taken on the number of sore heads this morning !!!

Remember the problem I had with the Medallion top (posted here ), well I never did get a reply from Quilting Treasures other than an acknowledgement, so I thought I'd best sort it out myself ! After hours of trying out the piecing on scraps and with the needle on the Bernina swinging from side to side like the pendulum on a Grandfather clock (!!) trying to get it right, I eventually managed this

Not perfect, but done !! To say that the seam allowance is a 'scant' 1/4 is stretching the imagination somewhat (LOL!), but it did work out at last and at least I can now get on with the next round ! The problem must have had something to do with the bulk of all the seams on this border, which didn't show up when I tried the pattern out on paper, so lesson learnt - again !!! What I really need to stop me getting into this kind of situation again, is to find the 'pantomime' audience participation voice. You know the one I mean, the one that warns the character when something devious is going on behind their back? If I could only tap into this, then next time I get carried away when I see something and think 'I can do that!', it could shout back at me very loudly ' Oh no you can't !!!'
This week Civil War Diaries blocks
Sugar Cane (CWD)
Gloomy Prospects (LL)
By the look of today's skies, heavy & grey , we are in for some bad weather. The wind has picked up in the last half hour too, always a bad sign (!) so looks like I will just have to spend some time sewing again - Oh Dear!! What a chore !!!!
Finally, the Diet !! This week I've managed to weigh in 5 lbs lighter than last !! Now if I could achieve this every week, then this could be the shortest diet of my life! We all know this won't happen though , the first week being the time when our bodies loose any retained water - and believe me this is exactly what has happened (VBG) I will be very happy to settle for 1 - 2 lbs a week in future - but time will tell !!!


Elizabethd said...

Hi Anne. I'm so glad we made it back across the channel before the storms!
I'm doing cross stitch at the moment, so quilting is on the back burner!

Kristie said...

Way to go on losing 5 lbs!!! I love your Medallion, it looks really great! I also love your Civil War blocks!! I am really enjoying making this quilt too.

Karol-Ann said...

So pleased you got that medallion sorted out. Now to see the next round :-)

Mad about Craft said...

The wedding sounds exhausting....& expensive!