Wednesday, 9 July 2008

An Award !

I've actually been given an award !! Not quite sure that I deserve it, but 'Thank You' to Elizabethd for thinking about me ! Tarah - tarah !!!! Here it is !!

I must pass this along to 5 other Bloggers, and what a decision to have to make when there are so many Blogs that I love reading, but here we go

Annette - for being my friend and my guide & helper for all things 'mixed media' related

Gina - who always makes me smile when I read her Blog, and who introduced me to Idris :-)

John - for holding out in the (female) quilting world

Karol-Ann - who reminds me of the wonderful years I spent in Africa

Linda - for being my friend for some time now and who I know will need a pick-me-up in the near future

I have one very staunch supporter and friend I would like to give this Award to, but she doesn't Blog ( !!! ), she does however have a Flicker album, so please go visit Jeannie and look at her great work !!!

These are just a few of the lovely people I like to visit and take a peep into their lives,and who all deserve an Award in my book !!


Rhondee said...

Congrats on the award. It's great to have wonderful blogger friends and friends that don't blog, as well. Please drop by my blog to view the teaser on the Booty Swap that we are a part of.

Gina said...

Congratulations and thanks for passing it on to me. Now for the task of picking my 5 blogs to award it to.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

catsmum said...

your friend Linda passed the award along to me so now I'm working my way back along the trail and visiting new blogs. Love your photos of Brittany.
cheers from australia

Anonymous said...

Ann you are too kind!!! If I was a blogger I would so give you an award for your awesome photo's!! not to mention your quiltling!!
Thank you!!