Sunday, 13 July 2008

Tales of the Canal Bank !

A few posts ago I mentioned that we had dug our cycles out from under all the dust in an effort to boost the weight loss. Ever since then the weather has been far to dreadful to consider walking on most days, as when it hasn't been raining the high winds have still been rather frightening and certainly not my idea of cycling weather ! Today is the first day that the wind has dropped so out came the cycles and off we went to do a little trial run along the Nantes to Brest canal just outside of Josselin !

As well as cyclists, Sunday afternoon in Brittany is the traditional time for walkers. All shapes, sizes and ages and all out for a stroll after lunch, be it along the canal or river bank, through the village or even across a field, it seems as thought the whole population is taking a walk !! I didn't feel comfortable about snapping the walkers, but this is some of the activity we came across during our ride.

Boats of all sizes

going up and down locks

and in the land of Equality - a lady lock-keeper ( !!), who gets to stay here during the summer

and grow flowers like these
Something I else I saw was one of the houses I will buy when I win the National Lottery (Yeah!! In my dreams!!!)

Complete with doves and a bridge to its own private island !!

Ooops!! Almost forgot the fishermen !

We didn't manage a great distance, just a respectable 8 mile round trip ,which isn't too bad for the first time out, and the weather stayed dry for us even though there were some very black clouds around a lot of the time.

Tomorrow, which is a National Holiday, we will be back in Josselin , as the town is celebrating Bastille Day and its 1, 000 birthday (do towns have birthdays ?) with a Medieval Market & Fair where all the inhabitants and exhibitors really pull out all the stops with their costumes, so I am sure there will be more photos of life in Brittany in a few days !!


Gina said...

I'll do you a deal. When I win the lottery I'll buy the cottage and let you come and visit . LOL

Lovely photos and I'm so glad it stayed dry for you. We'll be sending more rain your way this week.

Love and hugs gina xxx

Elizabethd said...

The Josselin fair is worth a visit.
What very attractive photos.

Mad about Craft said...

I wish I had been walking along the canal bank with you. I love canals and I love Brittany!