Thursday, 15 October 2009

Good News Day!

The great news is that our little orphans are no longer homeless!!  Today they are leaving for their new home and what is even better news - they're staying together - how good is that! 

It's now official that they are both little boys, confirmed by the vet on Tuesday , she'd been unable to do so sooner as they were so very young! Both are house trained,  lapping and feeding of their own accord so no more cuddles while they take the bottle for anyone :-)  Just see how they've grown though

More than doubled in size, and although the little black & white one is quite a bit smaller than his brother, he is certainly just as mischievous and both are full of curiosity  !!

It was so lovely to see them again and spend a little time with them before they go, I know I only had them for a short while but they certainly stole my heart away!!

A story with a very happy ending thanks to the help of a group who's only resources are what they are able to raise amongst themselves. By holding cake sales, raffles  etc within the community, these volunteers manage to foot all  vet bills and where necessary provide food for rescue cats until they are found permanent homes.This year alone they have placed some 15 kittens, as well as a number of fully grown cats, in good homes and currently have another 8 (excluding these 2 little ones) on their books - I guess they deserve to be called 'animals lovers' don't you? I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that DH & I are their newest members!!


Annelies said...

How good to know there is a happy end !!

Kristie said...

Oh, that is wonderful! They are so cute. We got our cat from a shelter and he is the best cat that I have ever had.

Have a wonderful day.