Monday, 19 October 2009

Autumn Sunshine

Our lovely Autumn weather is still with us, but not for much longer by the sound of the long term forecast, so it seems only right to take advantage of it while we can !  Yesterday saw us back in the Broceliande Forest and another ramble over the hill tops for views like this...

......and on the top, like this !

It was all a bit  'follow your nose' as we just picked a pathway and off we went!  To be honest when we got home and checked the map we were amazed at how far we'd been  - would you believe 6 miles- not bad for a 'little stroll' on a sunny afternoon!!  It was such a lovely day though and the surroundings so beautiful we didn't noticed the distance :-)

Did manage to get ourselves a little bit lost, but were lucky enough to find the little river that flows into the lake shown at the start of this post

Did I say river  ??  You can see from this how dry it has been for many weeks now, even the lakes were well down from normal levels.

Now - which way is home???

By the time we got back to Trehorenteuc the village was crowded with the usual Sunday afternoon tourists and these fellows were doing a roaring trade with their vintage 'horse powered' bus taking rides around the village

.....passed the superb  Arthurian mural on the wall of the Tourist Office.......

........the old 'Manoir'

...and of course the village church or la Chapelle du Gral.  Built  in 1614, what you can't see unfortunately are the wonderful stained glass windows depicting scenes from the  Round Table  stories,  together with biblical scenes such as the Last Supper .  

A lovely bonus afternoon even if we were glad to take our boots off at last !!!!


Desi said...

Oh, how wonderful. Your little jaunts certainly make me ready to trade places! (I'd avoid the Valley of No Return: sounds overpopulated.) Have you ever looked into Geocaching? It just seems to heighten the out-and-about experience.

Suzanne said...

I love to see & read about your little afternoon trips. The Arthurian Mural is beautiful!

Gina said...

Beautiful photos

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

That looked like a very fun day!