Saturday, 11 July 2009

Still Here!

I can't believe how much time has passed since I last blogged, but I am still here !!

One of the reasons for my absence is that the summer holiday season at 'Hotel Chez Nous' has already started with an unexpected visit from DD which took up last weekend and the start of this week - the rest of the week has been spent catching up on the every day chores that always get ignored when we have visitors - not that I need much of an excuse to get out of housework:-) The only problem is that there is always twice as much to wade through when they've gone back to the UK! We now have just over a week before the next wave arrives and this is the pattern for most of July & August, so goodness only knows how much sewing time there's going to be !!

I did manage to buy some goodies from my favourite US online store ,

I know I keep banging on about their delivery (not to mention the prices!) but once again I ordered on Sunday evening and Wednesday midday it was in the post box - can't fault it can you!!!

I started collecting Kona solids for a pattern I found on the web back early last year, it was supposed to have been a BOM, but in all this time only 4 blocks have been posted so I think its one to forget, and use the solids for something else. At the moment I don't know whether to try another pattern out of my Gwen Marston book or Mary's Chinese coins pattern , breaking up the dark colours I've got so far with the pastels above! I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with the florals, and the batiks are for any future mini landscape quilts - I did enjoy those lessons!!!

So, as there's not many photos to show this time, I thought I'd let you see some of my miniature machines !

An Essex complete with carrying case, documents and original box !


Not sure what this one is but it is marked 'Foreign' and has a serial number -looking at the wear marks , it has obviously been well used !!

All three I would guess are from the 1960s, in good working order but so strange to use compared to today's machines - don't know if I'd like to try FMQ on them !!! I do have a few others, but will keep them for another day!


Kaye said...

wow, a collection of sewing machines. That is really neat. I need to get a lightweight to take to class or to Quilt Guild. It needs to be liteweight and small, any suggestions?

Suzanne said...

I'm glad someone else gets busy like me and forgets to blog. Glad you had a nice visit with the family.

Mary said...

Well, I love Chinese Coins quilts but you can't go wrong with anything inspired by Gwen Marston either!

Elizabethd said...

What an interesting collection of machines, have you found any French ones yet?