Thursday, 23 July 2009

Keeping Busy!

It's been a busy few days with one thing and another, more visitors from home, catching up on chores and a little sewing too this time!

Block 6 & 7 of Verandah Views, so for once I'm up to date!

Bluebird on My Heart block from Vicki at Tozz's Corner. You must visit her blog, she has some really beautiful 'hat' blocks as well as the On My Heart BoMs all for free!

(Don't know what's happened to the colour on these as the background fabric is actually cream, not grey!!)

Last but not least a (very) bright & cheerful Disappearing Nine Patch for our 6 year old DGD's birthday - just waiting delivery of the backing fabric to get it finished !

The photos are not particularly good as our weather has been grim all month , so the light is not brilliant! We seem to get an hour or so of sun in the mornings and then up comes the wind and down comes the rain ! In fact it is more like November than mid July and whilst it has meant I've had some time to sew, it hasn't been very pleasant for our visitors, or all the other tourists that have been pouring into the Province !

I also managed to snap this dodging in and out between the rain

Haven't seen many Butterflies at all this year even though we have 2 Buddleias in the garden, perhaps they've found somewhere drier and warmer- and who can blame them !!

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Thank you for sharing her blog...beautiful hand work!