Saturday, 25 April 2009


Yesterday was a very long, very enjoyable day and well worth the long drive to Nantes and back and I am sure you won't be surprised to hear that yet again I spent too much money !!

The hall was packed to overflowing by the time Stephanie (no blog) and I arrived even though we were only 15 minutes after opening time, which just shows how starved we are for such events in this part of France !

The exhibition covered all forms of 'thread' craft as well as patchwork & quilting, but I think it is fair to say that there were a lot more P&Q vendors than any others! It was such a treat to see so many fabrics all in one place but not so good to see the prices ! Fat quarters were ranging from 4.50 to 10.00 euros and yardage from 15.00 to 22.00 euros with some fabric panels priced at 45.00 euros. Just for comparison today's exchange rate 1 euro = $0.75, so it doesn't take much to understand why I buy the bulk of my fabrics from the US !

This time I remembered the camera, but unfortunately the quilt exhibition was in the basement of the building, with very poor lighting (mainly spot lights - don't know if this did the quilts a great deal of good!) so the photos are very poor! I will try and edit a couple of them ready for the next post, together with my new fabrics, which are all gaily fluttering away in the garden after being washed !!

As there have been too many posts without any pictures lately,a peep at the first apple blossoms appearing on our cider apple trees

and our cherry tree , as always, awash with the most delicate of flowers which are drifting down like snowflakes on the gentle breeze !


Elle Emm said...

Lovely flowers, I think we have about 3 weeks to a month before we're at that point. Have you been quilting much?

Clare said...

Oh gawd - the prices! I was telling DH only yesterday that I may have to start buying online.

How to the prices here compare to those in the UK? I need to stock up on thread and am comparing prices.