Sunday, 16 November 2014

Remember Me ?

It wouldn't surprise me if the answer was  a big 'NO' as it is several months since my last post. 

Some of you might recall that I had a knee replacement op back in September 2013, and suffice to say that it has not been an easy year since , and I swear that I've had so may x-rays and scans during this time that I am convinced that I now glow in the dark :-)  Good news is that I've been given a clean(ish)  bill of health and am ready to start normal life again !

Even better news is that I am back at my machine and sewing up a storm - you can't imagine how hard its been going cold turkey for all these months - so watch this space for some photos very soon, well, as soon as the rain stops anyhow !

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Oh Ann...I am so excited to see you back to blogging! Glad the surgery is done and over. Look forward to seeing some of your amazing quilts! Welcome back.