Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Learning Curve

Some months ago I decided that I really would like to be able to improve my free motion quilting, so I joined Cindy Needham's   'Design It, Quilt It' course at Craftsy.

If you're a fan of Cindy's then you know that she does some seriously gorgeous work  and to be able to quilt anywhere near to her standard is just a pipe dream, but -  we all have to start somewhere don't we ?

After hours of drooling over the  instruction videos, then drawing on any scraps of  paper lying around and followed by many more machining hours spent producing samples like these

I finally took the plunge and tried my hand at my first whole cloth quilt


Just  14 inches square, and not perfect by any means - I don't think Cindy has to worry too much about the competition (!)  - but not too bad for a first attempt.


Connie said...

Gorgeous for a first attempt, or a fifth, tenth or more :)
Solid quilts with all of this needle work have always been one of my favorites.
Perfection :)
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Lin said...

It looks lovely Ann - well done.

Vickie said...

Very pretty! You did a great job.

QuiltSue said...

Well it looks perfect to me. It is just gorgeous.

Karen said...

Awesome job on the whole cloth Ann!

Karol's Kraft Korner said...

Looks beautiful!

Karen said...

Oh my lady -- you've got it ! Nice work so keep it up. I have yet to do a whole cloth but this winter I hope!