Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Italian Interlude - Part 1

Its been a while since I first posted about my cruise and as time seems to be flying by as usual,  here we go with Part 2.

We arrived at Sardinia early morning and anchored about a mile off  Alghero,  a lovely town surround by beautiful beaches.  A nice sunny day but still the darn wind blew. Not very good, this being one of the ports on the itinerary that called for transfer ashore by tender - not for the faint hearted or anyone prone to 'mal de mer'.  Wheeee!!  Here we go!

The idea was that we would spend some time looking around and then chill out on the beach and maybe a swim.  No chance with conditions like this !

Enough swell to tilt a 77,000 tonnes plus ship, and this wasn't our worst sea !

The choice was between being sandblasted on the beach and pulled off your feet by the surf , or ducking into the town and taking a tour on one of these

Before all the horse lovers shout 'shame!', the horse wasn't actually doing anything other than having a little exercise as the cart was fitted with an electric motor to do the work - got to be a unique definition on the term 'horse power' :-)

A stroll down main street

Something that caught my eye was this church dome

Now where have I seen this before  - maybe here ??

After spending the morning wandering through the town having our heads blown off, we decided enough was enough, so grabbed some lunch then headed back to our ship to watch the tenders scuttling to & fro

All of them eventually getting back safe & sound and stowed back on  board.Looks a lot calmer here in the lee of the ship  doesn't it ?  Watching all this going on reminded me of ducklings chasing after Mother Duck to tuck safely under her wings :-)

Hope you enjoyed Alghero - next stop Pisa & Florence.

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QuiltSue said...

How funny to see that dome. What a shame the weather didn't allow you to really enjoy your visit.