Friday, 14 September 2012

After Something Old - Something New

Last post was about something old-ish , this time I have something new to talk about !

I am  great fan of  Karen over on Selvage Blog , which explains why I have this mound of selvedges:-)

and yes, I have used some of them for a cushion,  a couple of tote & gift bags and even  a mini quilt in the past.

Besides encouraging quilters to use up their selvedges, Karen is, amongst her many other talents,  a designer , and I've just fallen in love with  Diamond Dish her latest string quilt pattern,

(photo courtesy of Selvage Blog)

I've often thought about making another one of these, but am not sure if I'd get bored making it a second time, but this pattern is just different enough to make me think seriously about it.

I 've just received a copy of the pattern, and straight away started to freak out as I realised it is made using the dreaded Y seams - something I have managed to avoid so far during my quilting life ! However - thanks to the lovely clear instructions in the pattern and with some help from  Kay Woods, I've managed to make a  few passable sample blocks !

First attempt was with scrap fabric

 then with strings

and another just because !

Maybe not  100%  perfect, but I'm happy with the result, so it's all systems go now for tackling the quilt.  Not quite decided yet whether to go with the white as in the sample block or switch to a bright colour as in Karen's quilt - what do you think ?

Do pop over to Karen's blog, and look at all the great ideas there,  and if you're a lover of antique quilts, check out Thursday's post too !

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