Saturday, 9 July 2011

Just in Time !

I'm back again!  After 3 weeks wandering around the UK on a very enjoyable holiday I'm back just in time for this month's Christmas Quilt Along

If you've not joined in previously, go along and visit Sue and she'll be delighted to see you!

I've finished my (few as possible!) daily chores, have  4 fruit crumbles ready to go into the oven, solved a problem on my very own new laptop (Hurrah! No more sharing with DH) and, as the rain is  pouring down again,  I think I deserve to spend the rest of the day
sewing , don't you ?

See you all later


May Kristin said...

You definately deserves to spend the rest of the day sewing, and then you can blog about what you've done! :-)
Enjoy your sewing and your new laptop!

Lynn said...

It sounds as though you have the perfect weather for quilting! I can just imagine how good the fruit crumbles are filling your home with a wonderful aroma!