Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bits and Bobs

We don't get may quilting related functions in this part of the world, so whenever there's news of anything interesting happening its always good for a visit.

 Last week there was a sewing and patchwork 'Troc' advertised in nearby Pontivy , so off we went to have a look.  In the main the items on sale were antique Breton traditional dress items and beautiful handmade lace, so lovely to look at but well out of my budget I'm afraid!

As is usual at these very infrequent events, photos were a bit difficult because of the crowds, but I managed to snap these lovely embroidered bags

 these wonderful vintage head forms, which I would dearly love to own, but at 150 euros each - well!!

and what every well dressed woman should be wearing!

Ooh La La!!    (wish Blogger hadn't turned the pic!)

I also managed some Moda and vintage Laura Ashley FQs from the two patchwork stalls at the sale, so the afternoon wasn't totally wasted !

I'm still trying to keep up with my own target of one UFO a month to make some kind of dent in the 'drawer', and May's finish is a small  & easy, but bright and cheerful baby quilt. Made from 2 Moda Freebird charm packs plus yardage and on its way to the family's newest member, Daisy, born 22 March.  A little late I know,  but at least it'll get to her before she leaves for Uni :-)


May Kristin said...

Gorgeous! Clean and bright!

Suzanne said...

Daisy will love her new blanket...good job!

sewkalico said...

What a lovely baby quilt! I also have a quilting drought around here so a drive to anything special like what you went to is always worth it. I hope all is well with you and your dear DH.