Monday, 6 December 2010

It's Official!

No doubt about it, Christmas is just around the corner and there is just no where to hide from it:-)

After all the problems with the weather and my eyes (much better now!) it's been 3 weeks since I've ventured further than a couple of kilometres from home - after all even us 'mature' ladies have no wish to be seen in public looking like the Wicked Witch from the West, which is exactly how I 've looked since this allergy started!

Today however with a little help from some light make-up I managed to look almost human and we took off to Rennes for some Christmas shopping.

Everywhere you look is decorated with baubles and bells, trees and garlands, and it is very difficult to decide which are the best displays, but I just have to show you some photos I took in one of my favourite shops in Rennes -   Cocktail Scandinave .

An Aladdin's cave at the best of times but at Christmas it really comes into its own!

Follow me in through the entrance .....

......and take a peek inside!

 There are colour- themed displays with all sorts of wonderful elves and reindeer , Santas and fairies, not to mention  stockings and garlands galore!

Don't forget you saw it here first!!

Yes !  That's right ! An upside-down Christmas Tree!

There are baskets and boxes for every occasion..........

...and linen.........

 .and we mustn't  forget the soft toys!!

You have to agree that this is a truly magical shop at the most magical time of the year!!

Oh - almost forgot, how do you like the new look  Blog ?


QuiltSue said...

That shop looks awesome, but an upside down Christmas tree? Where do you put the fairy?

I really like the new look - it's lovely and uncluttered and bright at the same time.

Ivory Spring said...

Oh, I want to go shopping with you!!!
Love the new look - very bright and cheery!

Paula said...

Hello Ann,

I couldn't find the post about the bag/purse that you made and entered in my sewing challenge. I was going to post a comment with the bag, but am doing it here instead.

I love your christmas photos from Cocktail Scandinave.
It looks like a winter wonderland.

Thank you for joining me in my challenge at Paula's Sewing Challenges. I hope you come back soon.


Linda Mullen said...

Love the new look, love the new blog Love those teddy bears too (I collect them).