Friday, 27 August 2010

Did you know..... difficult it is to become 'Liberated'?  Some months ago I treated myself to Gwen Marston's book 'Liberated Quiltmaking ll',

and out of all the woderful projects in the book, I fell in love with this

It's based on Kathy's Block and even without the lovely story behind the 'birth' of the block, this quilt speaks to me.  I love the colours,the funky tulips,  the layout - well,  I love just all of it !  Before trying a full size quilt, I thought it would be wise to try a mini, and am I glad I did so.  It was really difficult for me to forget everything that I've learn over the last few years and even though my piecing may not always be perfect, I do try to match things up.  Obviously I have been well indoctrinated about accuracy, as I had to force myself to
'liberate' my points but in the end it turned out quite well..

Ending up 17.5 x 20.5 inches, a nice size mini ready for the new wall.   I  managed to catch another of my 'plays' taking the original uncropped photo, which shows my little Union Jack cushion that I made from this tutorial on Lily's Quilts.

Really fun to make, the only problem is that I now have orders for 3 more from DGDs!!

But, not matter how hard I found liberated quilting to start with, I must be a quick learner as I managed to loose points on this 16 inch Selvage mini without even trying :-) 


Suzanne said...

All great's always good to learn something new!

orchidlover said...

Rather you than me. I come out in a cold sweat whenever liberated or scrappy is mentioned. I love the Union Jacj cushion. Now only if someone could make up Y Draig Coch.

Love and hugs Gina xxxx

ps yes it is me with a new profile and blog - long story