Sunday, 30 May 2010

Spanish Experience

At long last, five minutes to sit down and show you some of the photos taken on our trip to Spain, but I suppose better late than never!

Our journey took us down  French Atlantic coast as far as Bordeaux , a beautiful city which deserves its World Heritage site status and which is also the centre of one of France's main wine  producing areas.  Strange to think that if you go back in history this area one was part of the British Isles (together with Brittany itself!).  A quick dash inland towards Toulouse and a  glimpse of the walled city of Carcassone   put us well on our way to the Mediterranean coastal highway.

Our overnight stop was at Coulioure , a very pretty town practically on the Spanish border and one we visited a couple of years ago. Unfortunately by this time the light wasn't too grand and the photos area bit dark

See the fortress on the hill top ?


We were luck enough to stay at the  Madeloc Hotel as we did on our last visit, and this was the view from our balcony - not the sea unfortunately, but a lovely jumble of rooftops caught in the early  morning sunlight ( just pretend the wires aren't there!!)

A quick breakfast then off to the border and into the land of olive trees and orange groves....

.......dried hams....

............ colourful rugs.....

....not to mention churches!

I don't usually take photos inside churches, but in this little one  I  was practically ordered to do so by the caretaker!  He was obviously very proud of it and quite rightly so,  and so's not to cause any offence, I took his photo too!

As this is turning into a picture heavy, long post,  perhaps I should stop now and  come back another day with the rest of the photos - oh yes! there are lots more :-)

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Suzanne said...

Beautiful photos..I love old churchs!