Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Not A Good Start!

Well, the old year ended miserably and the New Year arrived in the same way, as,  like many in Blogland ,  Boxing Day saw me coming down with the dreaded 'flu !  Don't really know what kind of bug I managed to pick up but I can tell you I certainly do not want it again!!  Today is the first time that I have managed to stay upright for any length of time, and to be honest I still feel very wobbly, but maybe that's because I've not be able to eat anything for days.

DH has been taking really good care of me, sometimes too good as often all you want to do is  curl up in a corner and be left alone! However - I am feeling a lot better so I guess it's time to stop feeling sorry for myself and get 2010 started, and what better way to start the year than with a finished quilt!

I've long been a fan of Mary Johnson 's scrappy quilts, so  thought it was time to try one of her patterns and decided on this one.

Maybe not the prettiest of quilts, but so easy & quick to make and it certainly got rid of a lot more of those 'why did I buy that!' fabrics. 

The quilt finished at 4 ' 6" x 6' O", not a bad size for a soon to be teenage granddaughter who tells me her toes stick out of the last one I made her!!!  Thank you Mary for a great tutorial!!

I even went mad and tried the  'Loop de Loop' quilting as a change from stippling.  I'm no sure if that was the right thing to do as I ended up quilting on the diagonals to keep the threads 'colour controlled' which wasn't too easy !  I also think I need a lot more practice with this designs :-)


Clare said...

Did you get the gastro bug or the fluey one. So far we've managed to esape both, but I don't hold out much hope of getting through the winter completely scott free!

Hunkering down here for another deluge of the white stuff. I gather it's coming down from Scotland, hitting Kent this afternoon and then crossing over to France, hitting us late p.m today (sigh).

I love Mary's site too.

Gina said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling too well. I'm glad that your hubby has been taking good care of you.

Love the quilt

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Jean said...

Glad you're starting to feel better. There's a lot of it about here in Derbyshire, too. We are snowed in again today.

Anonymous said...

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE IT!!! the logcabin is another favorite of mine. I think I am a very traditional quilter.hahaa..